Cardano Community Contributions

We believe in Cardano.

Personal Investment

For this reason, we have invested a lot in ADA in relation to our personal financial capacities.

Crypto Products

We also decided to start and
With EGuard we wish to contribute a to the Cardano network with a staking pool and multiple relays.
We also want to offer Crypto Seed Storage solutions through our innovative design. is where you will be able to get EGuard products and cool crypto related merch.

Network Nodes

We currently run one pool and 3 relays using VPS in different datacenters. 
We have decided to share a relay node with SPOs in need.

Our future plans:

we aim to put a baremetal node behind a Starlink dish. 
we also plan to run some more baremetal nodes.

SPO Community Relay

Getting started as a small pool operator can be hard and loosing a block can be devastating for a small pool.

After helping a member of the SPO community who lost it’s first blocks, we noticed it could be helpful for the Cardano SPO community to share one of our relays to connect to your Block Producer node.

Sharing a relay has it’s risks.
But when you are a small pool operator with a single relay, having a trusted backup relay as a redundancy and as a fallback could make the difference.

For this purpose, we are dedicating our most powerful relay as a shared relay.

The community relay:

  • 6 vCPU Cores
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 400 GB SSD
  • 400 Mbit/s port

This relay should be seen as a helper starting your group of nodes.
You should not use this relay as your unique relay but a +1 relay to your already running 1 pool + 1 relay.
It is only meant to be a redundancy and a fallback to your currently existing BP node.
You should not add this relay to your pool metadata, only to your topology.


Relays are meant to protect your Block Producing nodes from the open web and propagate blocks produced by your pool to the Cardano network.
Adding a 3rd party relay to your BP node requires trust from that relay owner, which is us at
We are aware this practice might be frown upon by some and understand why.
But if you think this could help your pool, feel free to contact us.
Once your pool is stable and producing blocks, we recommend that you get your own private extra relays.

Use our relay at your own risk.
We are not responsible for lost blocks or hacking attempts on your node group.
We are trying to help, but it comes with no warranty.